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The Knuck-structional Video

The Knuck-structional Video is over an hour long and is jam-packed with the world’s best knuckleball secrets. The video lays the foundation for your understanding of the knuckleball, taking you through the grips, goals of the pitch, the new velocity paradigm and exactly what makes a knuckleball effective.

Then the video teaches you the mechanics just like Charlie Hough taugh me — from the ground up.

You’ll learn how to use your footwork, legs and core to create layback and centripetal force for the ultimate feel. You’ll be able to manipulate your hips to increase velocity and accuracy, and you’ll learn the proper timing of the pitch at release so that you can develop your best knuckleball.

The Program

This immersive 18-week program gives you daily throwing, skills drills, workouts, mobility and mentality routines so that you don’t waste anytime in developing your best knuckleball. 

You’ll start by addressing your release by taking your legs out of the equation. You’ll learn your pitch depth, grip tension, nail length and nuances of your particular release before moving on to full-body mechanics at increasing distances.

Follow the accompanying 18-week workout to build the strength and proprioception required for pro-quality knuckleballs. Complete the 4-days-per-week workout at your local gym.

You’ll also receive weekly mental exercises and mobility drills so that you can see yourself pitching in the Big Leagues with elite movement patterns.

But, if the workout, mental program or mobility drills don’t fit into your life or schedule, then you can drop them from The Program. Simply focus on the daily throwing routines and skill development through the 18 weeks of The Program.

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Join Knuckleball Nation by becoming a member over at Patreon. You’ll have access to 5-days-per-week private instructional videos, exclusive content with MLB legends, and you’ll get access to Knuckleball Nation’s Discord server.

Knuckleball Nation will go live on the Discord Server at least once per week, and that will be your opportunity to ask your questions. And your questions will direct the YouTube channel’s content as well as the near-daily Patreon videos and content.

For those who don’t know — Discord acts like a private chat room where only Patreon members have access, and the chat room includes video so you’ll get face-to-face instructional time.

Plus, becoming a Patreon Member is the easiest way to support Knuckleball Nation in its mission to keep the knuckleball alive. So, if you want to see more Knuckleball content, then head on over to Patreon to support the effort.