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Count on the annual Las Vegas Clinic every Columbus Day Weekend in Oct

Phil Niekro - Atlanta

  • Every January from 2015-2019

Phil Niekro guest instructed Knuckleball Nation clinics every January for five years before his passing in 2020. The Hall of Famer took each pitcher aside for one-on-one lessons.

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Every January from 2015-2019
Decembers of 2017 & 2018

RA Dickey - Nashville

  • Decembers of 2017 & 2018

RA Dickey signed autographs and lectured Knuckleball Nation clinics in the Decembers of 2017 and 2018. Proceeds went to RA Dickey's favorite charity -- The Bombay Teen Challenge.

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Taiwan Clinic

  • November 2018

Knuckleball Nation went international with the first overseas clinic in the beautiful baseball-loving country of Taiwan. The clinic took place in Taipei.

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November 2018
Dec 2019 & Jan 2021

Steven Wright - Nashville

  • Dec 2019 & Jan 2021

Red Sox All-star Steven Wright guest instructed two Knuckleball Nation clinics in Music City during December of 2019 and January of 2022. 

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Mickey Jannis - Las Vegas

  • October 2022

Mickey Jannis took pitchers aside one-by-one for Knuckleball Nation's 12th annual Las Vegas Clinic that took place over Columbus Day Weekend in 2022.

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October 2022
January 2023 & 2024

Charlie Hough - Los Angeles

  • January 2023 & 2024

Charlie Hough pitched 24 years in the Big Leagues and served as MLB pitching coach for six years. He took each pitcher aside for one-on-one knuckleball pitching lessons at Knuckleball Nation's Los Angeles Clinic.

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Alex Blandino - Vegas

  • October 2023

Three-year MLB infielder and future full-time knuckleballer, Alex Blandino, guest instructed the 13th annual Las Vegas Clinic. Most famous for his viral Pitching Ninja video of a perfect knuck.

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October 2023
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