Personal Lessons at the Knuckleball Academy in LA



Knuckleball Nation has partnered with Beimel Elite Athletics in the beautiful South Bay of Los Angeles, CA. The Major League Training facility is owned by 13-year Major League pitcher Joe Beimel and features Rapsodo and Tracman spin trackers, Stalker Radar Guns, and the Edgertronic slow-mo camera.

You’ll be able to track your spin rates, spin direction, break, strike percentage and velocity while learning the secrets of the knuckleball. The data will stack you up against the best knuckelballers in the world to see if you have the stuff.

You’ll learn from the ground up. Adjustments will focus on footwork and then move up the body to the knees, hips, trunk, shoulders, head and then the release.

Lessons are $100 per hour. Book as many hours as you’d like, but be sure to confirm dates and times.

Use this CONTACT FORM to arrange for dates and times.