Knuckleball Nation Rebrand

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The pandemic was hard on all of us. In fact, for many, it is still ongoing. I had a lot of time to think during the lockdowns, especially because my 2020 professional season was canceled. And I’ve decided that Knuckleball Nation needs to become bigger.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, that means a whole lot more content. I’ll be setting up a monetized Youtube channel where I’ll go into detail about all things knuckleball. Of course, that means talking about the mechanics and the delivery of the pitch, but that also means speaking about the history of the knuckleball. And that will include some interviews with Major League Legends. Perhaps I can get them to spill the beans on the secrets that made them so successful.

The expansion and rebranding of Knuckleball Nation will also entail more products and services. I’ve been teasing “The Program” for a while now, and it’s about time that it made its debut. It’ll be a three-part developmental program that will give you workouts, drills and progressions so that you can throw your best knuckleball as quickly as possible.

Well, nothing really comes quickly with the knuckleball, so The Program will likely take at least 18 weeks to complete. And that’s is you hurry through the progressions. But, if you do take up the challenge of completing The Program, then you’re guaranteed to be in the best pitching shape that a knuckleballer can achieve.

I’m also going to commit to being more available. This includes online consultations so that I can answer all your knuckleball questions. I know that I had a million questions when I was developing my pitch, but I had the likes of Charlie Hough, RA Dickey and Phil Niekro to answer them for me. And I’d like to provide that same service for you.

So, in the next few weeks and months, I’ll be rolling out the rebrand. And that includes a killer logo, so I’m expecting a big demand for some merchandise. That’ll include hats, shirts and sweatshirts. Merch that you can wear to let the world know that you belong to the fraternity of elite knuckleball pitchers that are keeping the magic alive.