Knuckleball Nation Camps 2015!

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Knuckleball Nation will host the first Phil Niekro Clinic in Atlanta in 2015

Nation – I have been pretty busy. I’ve taken about three months off of throwing and am just starting to get back into the swing of it. I consider myself lucky to live in LA where I get to throw outside year-round while the rest of the country gets slammed with a winter freeze.

And as I get back into throwing, I am re-invigorated. I love the challenge of getting better and making my way towards the Major Leagues. AND I enjoy throwing, talking and working on pitching with fellow knuckleballers. There’s nothing like the energy that comes from a bunch of guys getting together to work on the same goal.

With that in mind, I am proud to announce Knuckleball Nation’s country-wide tour starting in 2015. I will be making my way to different cities across the US to run camps, share my wisdom and, hopefully, help bring the knuckleball community together. After all, I started this website in order to help make the knuckleball mainstream by connecting those around the glove that enjoy throwing the pitch.

The first every East Coast camp for Knuckleball Nation will be taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, at the end of January. We’ll be getting together at an Atlanta indoor baseball facility on Saturday, January 24th, and we’ll wrap the camp up on Sunday morning, January 25th. But, don’t worry if you can only make one day; you’ll be able to register for just the 24th or the 25th.

Later on, in March, we’ll be running the same style of camp in Boston. Again, running in the afternoon on Saturday and the morning on Sunday so that knuckleballers have a chance to fly in on the morning of Saturday and fly out during the evening on Sunday without missing a beat.More camps may be announced if there is enough demand. So, if you’re interested, send me an email, text or call. Perhaps you’ll get me flying to a city near you to throw some knuckleballs. For dates and to register, click HERE.