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Chris Nowlin throwing a warm-up knuckleball before a single-A level baseball game

Nation, I have been inundated with a bunch of demand. You guys have gone out, watched the instructional DVD and now you are thirsty for more answers. You want to know the ins and outs of the knuckleball. You want to know how to manipulate the movement without changing your arm action. You want to know how to change speeds and just how to release the pitch.

And you’ve signed up for the Las Vegas Camp in droves to get those answers. But not all of you are able to get out to the desert this Fall. That is why I chose to expand the products list on the Knuckleball Nation website.

You can now purchase a DVD called Advanced Knuckleballing – an Instructional DVD. This DVD builds on the foundation laid out by the original DVD, called Knuckleball Nation. Now, since we’ve got a graduated DVD system, that original DVD is now called Knuckleball 101. Make sense, right?

This new DVD, Advanced Knuckleballing, really gets into the nitty gritty. It explores all the new questions that you’ve developed watching the original instructional video. It shows you where to throw the ball depending on the weather, the runners on base, the inning and the out. It tells you how to change speeds by freezing your hips and not your arm, and it tells you how to manipulate the very movement of the knuckleball itself, which is extremely high level instruction. If you can get a grip on that, then you own the Knuckleball!

Essentially, this DVD is vital for the competitive pitcher. I take my personal, professional baseball experience and break it down for you — tell you exactly how to compete with the game’s most frustrating pitch.

If you want to be a pro, get Advanced Knuckleballing and look into an Online Video Assessment, personal lessons or look for a KNUCKLEBALL NATION Camp near you!